Calimera - 68th Gymnasium of Athens

Calimera - 68th Gymnasium of Athens

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...Calimera 68th Gymnasium of Athens - Together we will succeedd...

Σάββατο, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2015

360 Μοίρες - Eλληνόφωνα χωριά της Κάτω Ιταλίας

"When the 8th century BC. Ch. Greek colonists settled on the coast of Sicily and southern Italy, giving this region the name Great Greece, few could have imagined that these villages would remain alive and Greek through the centuries until today. They are, as they say gkrekanoi residents, a miracle of history. With this "miracle" decided the show «360 °» to start the second season of the television Alpha.
How to listen live the language Homer spoke? How to listen to the Greek national anthem in a remote village in Italy and talking with gkrekanous feel more Greek than the Greeks? Those Greeks who consider Greece mother, a country that sacred "whoever presses the foot must first take off his shoes as a sign of respect," he says with emotion in front of the camera gkrekanos of Gkalitsiano in Calabria."

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